Talking about the Elements of the games in Shaiya

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Talking about the Elements of the games in Shaiya Empty Talking about the Elements of the games in Shaiya

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Talking about the Elements of the games in Shaiya
There are some elements of the games in Shaiya.

Maybe though the music isn't something you could get annoyed with, you have your mix variety of action packed themes that start up when you enter battle, and when you are testing out the pvp the music added to it.

Nothing new or special, maybe a L2 Clone or PW shadyness, though still in early process of the game so it could go the opposite way with amazing terrain to explore, though for now you doubt it, which is why it's a 7, it would be lower though so far A.The skills look great and that's hard to say since you've only gotton to level(shaiya money) 1 - 10 and seen some great skill animations from every other class, some really fun looking skills that even make me want to try out classes I wouldn't usually play.They may have some repetative looking creatures just like any MMO, but you see a lot of variety as well, graveyards with floating skulls flying around and blown up towns with beasts bigger than you or not having to be a high level(shaiya powerleveling) to fight them and so on.

For a f2p game,someone enjoy all the classes the ones ive test and seen, combos, great variety of skills and good skill animations, classes like the priest which you don't even play actually seems fun and good, PvP was the last thing you looked into and to have fun in pvp so soon in the game was just a great time, just went into a portal onto 1 side vs another side (kinda map)and owned it up against the brutal dark side who some were guilded and the map was kinda nice, hills and buildings on fire and good set of monsters to add to it, got a little base and that's just the level 1 - 15 devision xP.Grind isn't bad and the difficulty modes give more to work towards for even more skills, the quests are mediocore but a good variety of them and fine rewards of exp/money and so on. The factions seem like they'll be close enough balanced as well.


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