Shaiya Light and Darkness World(part two)

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Shaiya Light and Darkness World(part two) Empty Shaiya Light and Darkness World(part two)

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Shaiya Light and Darkness World(part two)There are a total of 12 classes in Shaiya, 3 classes per Race. Humans can be Fighters, Defenders or Priests. Elves can be Rangers, Archers, or Mages. Vails can be Assassin, Pagan, or Oracles. Nordeins can be Guardians, Warriors, or Hunters. Although they have different names, the classes are almost the same. Skills(Shaiya Money) still vary of course.

Factions go face to face in certain battlefields. Some maps have relics, relics are guarded by monsters, factions fight to take over the relics and protect them from the opposing faction. You could get the the most secure Shaiya powerleveling if you need. Trash talk and Blood shed are a big part of this game. Too bad only a percentage of what the other faction is saying can be understood. Aside from relics, there is one battle where players really show off their skills, the Goddess Battle. In this type of battle, each faction needs to defeat the opposing faction's goddess to win.

All in all, Shaiya is a great game with Rohan-Like graphics but a little better, the only disadvantage is that the game relies on the item mall. If you have the resources, why not offer it a try. That is all detailed introduction, thanks for your reading.


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