Jargon and Slang of Shaiya(part four)

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Jargon and Slang of Shaiya(part four) Empty Jargon and Slang of Shaiya(part four)

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:54 am

Glad to meet you in shaiyagold!

Here is a list of in-game slang and jargon terms in Shaiya. We collect it from other websites, just read it. By the way, you could enjoy the cheapest Shaiya Gold here.

re-back; return
rofl-rolling on the floor laughing
RvR-realm versus realm (includes PvP)

sp- stamina points
Sonic Lapis- Another special type of lapis that will increase the speed of the player depending on what level(Shaiya powerleveling) the lapis is.

tank-defender (light side)/guardian (dark side)
ty-thank you

UM-Ultimate Mode character(Shaiya Money)

wb - welcome back
wc - wrong chat
wtb - want to buy
wtf - what the ****
wth - what the hell
wts - want to sell
wtt - want to trade

yw - you're welcome

Thanks for reading.


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