World of WarCraft—Detail Explain the Changes of master three Talent–part two

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World of WarCraft—Detail Explain the Changes of master three Talent–part two

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Vanity storm: arcane damage living bomb. In 12.38 seconds it causes 69901 points arcane damage. After each attack, it will randomly create the bonus damage to a target in the range of 10 yards. The numerical value is equal to the 50% of this damage. Here explain a point. The goal of Vanity storm can be the small animals in additional damage. buy Ragnarok 2 Zeny
Activities bomb: the only difference between the versions 4.3 is the activities bomb will immediately be explosion after death.
Ice bomb: after casting 4.76 seconds, the bomb explodes, will causes the main goal 64649 points frost damage, and causes 32325 points frost damage to all goals in range of 10 yards. The movement speed of all the affected target will reduce by 70% for 2 seconds. The haste of player affects the ice bomb cooling time.
Invocation: the waking time reduces to 10 seconds, but the passive regeneration of mana reduces by 50%. Complete a waking up can make you damage increased by 25% for 40 seconds. cheap Ragnarok 2 Zeny
Energy rune: make you place a rune on the ground, standing in rune, mana speed increases by 100%, the spell damage increases by 10%. At the same time can only be placed two energy rune, for a minute. The cooling time is 10 seconds. The cast time is 1.43 seconds, replaces sensei skills. Personally like the skills, many players is mage all choose this skill.
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