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Dota2 elven tactical skill Empty Dota2 elven tactical skill

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1,Tehran starting Demon Hunter transition archers to be two basic upgrades to the tavern to recruit the Naga as times battle. Thus reducing recruitment opportunities to win the pressing time! Built dual knowledge trees at the same time at home, look after fill several elves farmers can begin to upgrade the eternal tree, began training during the deer, dragging their deal, the deer do not need too many, three or so OK, then start training Druid, eternal old trees began to upgrade the crowd level upgrade is completed! Degas deer against Terran musketeers Master and breaking the law with the Bears is now the most popular style of play.
2,Orcs, monkey hair tactical prevalence of up to 2 years, so long stage the Orcs can say stop repression by the wizard was not lifted their heads, but the Orc players understand this tactic. , monkey hair tactics do not seem so smooth! Bear Degas deer therefore, in the latter began to deal with the Orcs. Characteristics of this style of play is athletic, faced bear plus deer. Orcs use Kodo will choose to engulf bear digestion time is too long, and this is a good opportunity to retaliate by Jedi! Note that the deer hit the bear attack bonus!
3,the unread, the same bear deer! It should be noted, however, the second hero select Panda, the a pure deer’s team is good maneuverability contest, but the face of senior hero and the butcher, and the chariot of the time is a little effort, still recommended by the manipulation of deer, bear!
4,Elf civil war can select White Tiger plus Huntress repression, the same can also choose to bear deer secure play.

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