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Dragon valley little skill to make money Empty Dragon valley little skill to make money

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1.41 brush theme parks before the goblins and arcs gold, cannot enter after 41 oh.
2.Task in the Bulletin Board in the holy heaven is higher task experience than in the Lotus Swamp. I usually regard the bulletin board task done, but unfortunately, ah, fortunately master can be unlimited access.
3.Various layers have considerable experience, for example, small apocalypse 40-50 million single brush, double 30 + million, you can also get other things. Equipment, materials, equipment, coats of arms, hell mode in normal mode the jewelry, comet dust, skills heraldic point is boxes out!
4.Rushed 50 4.7 March 2 send wash points, if not, it is recommended to upgrade slowly, doing the bulletin board, brush hair, in fact, it is easy to upgrade to wash point.
5.Card PL: About 9 o’clock go to dark mountain corner to loiter, after the PL updates, always refresh map and not go back city, after completed go back to the city, PL is updated again. Someone successful, someone fails to leave a little bit of PL point update went to a copy, come back to the checkpoint. PL wandering Updated 9:00 brushing to return to the city.
II. Profitable
1.A copy of the abyss mode various code burst rate is high! A copy of the various strange D items a lot more expensive than the best of the money, you does not forget to pick up! Copy of durable consumption is reduced, basically brush copies are profitable!
2.Decomposition weapons code for a 20 gold armor code to 30 gold, 99% of the demise, there are chances of two at a time!
3.Incomplete seal: 100 Goddess will be the system supreme package gave before will change into tears, later A can rechange the equipment and seal, an equipment equipment also needs to suffix. Recommendations for the seal, a tears-for-3 incomplete seal, although the success rate is low, but the real code and armor can make money. Seal the demise of the jewelry and the like is very difficult to succeed. Costs low selling price, If you will to sell the store, I estimate the loss of at least 1000 gold. You do the math, seal a successful, probably 10-20 gold, sell something is hundreds of gold, 100 will be = 300 seals.
4.System to send 1500 debris does not change the code, because the copy of the N, wants to change 50A’s skills heraldic.
5.Hate nightmares 36 layers Jiege heraldic only a to ROLL. The transaction cannot attack good, but the CD is a good long do heraldic above magic attack. “Dragon Variations” is a physical attack. Stop doing wrong, oh!
6.VIP farm: temporarily do not talk about. You do not know what cuisine.
3 Note
1.Jewelry cannot be decomposed useless to throw it. Big apocalyptic boxes out the jewelry, the jewelry will cut prices over a period of time.
2.Decomposition of the equipment failure rate of 90%, do not direct decomposition +3 then decompose it.
3.If have no gem decomposition, only copy can appear. The price of later senior gem is very high.
4.S filled with real purpose: decomposition draw the 50A Helix Code and comet tail. But S equipment upgrade costs. You know.
5.copies of the box can open diamond dragon eggs, a copy is not necessary for the abyss.
6.new equipment to strengthen plus suffix, the effect is the same.

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