Blizzard will improve the amount of items drop in 25 people copy

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Blizzard will improve the amount of items drop in 25 people copy

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:19 pm

Recently, Cabal alz blizzard team also mentioned in this problem in Q&A interaction with players, and was very frankly admitted they are not very satisfied with the present 25 people team copy. Blizzard originally had hoped that in the expansion of “Cataclysm”, the players can freely choose to participate in 10 people team copy or 25 people team copy, the difference of two kinds of model lies in the fact that 10 teams pay more attention to personal sense of responsibility, and 25 people team can bring more intense epic feeling, but need higher rationality requirement to stance. But, in fact, 25 people team copy organization difficulty is much higher than 10 people team copy, Buy Cabal Gold and both do not have too big difference in items drop aspect when win, so people are not much interested in 25 people team copy.
Therefore, blizzard said in the 5.0 version of the game, the development team will increase the difficulty of the normal and the item drop quantity of 25 people team copy in the heroic difficulty, among them, under the common difficulty the quantity of the product every Boss drops will improve 6 pieces, which is same with the heroic copy in Cataclysm”. Besides, blizzard did not release more changing plan, but said it would continue to discuss this topic.
For the upcoming “Mists of Pandaria” team copy, what degree of players can expect? Whether as blizzard said, as long as the equipment drop quantity greatly improved, players will return to 25 people team copy? Cabal money We wait and see.


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