Expose new game of Blizzard in PAX exhibition – is there mobile version of Warcraft

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Expose new game of Blizzard in PAX exhibition – is there mobile version of Warcraft Empty Expose new game of Blizzard in PAX exhibition – is there mobile version of Warcraft

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Few weeks ago, many medias have received the invitation issued by the blizzard. Blizzard PAX East Conference on March 22 will bring some new “small things” mentioned in the letter. The true face of the “little things” caused the guess of people in the industry and the players, in addition to the legendary “Titanic” to completely negated by the official, most people think of “Blizzard All-Star will be announced the related news on this PAX exhibition.
Watermark exposed secret – New work will be World of Warcraft theme
However, according to players careful finding, watermark on the Blizzard invitation picture is a hint, we noticed this pattern turned out not just decorative: This is the hearthstone of the logo in the World of Warcraft. Then from this, we can draw the conclusion that this “small stuff” will be announced is unrelated with Blizzard All-Star, but related with World of Warcraft.

Will be the arrival of the mobile version of World of Warcraft?
Rob Pardo, Blizzard’s chief creative officer, recently wrote on Twitter: PAX exhibition next week is about to start and now I am still not ready with announcement for this new game … work work work “, added to the ” it is not Titan!!!”, then the Warcraft project manager Thomas Johnsen transmitted to “The players issued ‘oh my God’ (like the sound)”.
Synthesis of existing intelligence can now confirm that this is definitely a game and Warcraft than previously guessed battle net desktop applications. And “this little thing ever” great suggesting different gaming platform, and this is the first announced, then Blizzard All-Star like guess we can completely reject. A close look at the last sentence of the letter of invitation, “it’s something we’re excited for you to get your hands on,” this sentence in addition to the “We are looking forward to you to personally experience the meaning seems to imply that this is a “fun things in your palm. In this way it can be concluded is that the mobile version of the “World of Warcraft” announcement seems far away from us, or, at least, this might be the “World of warcraft pet battle mobile”.
April Fool’s Day phone game “StarCraft: Plant”, mobile social gaming platform
In April, on Fool’s Day, 2012, Blizzard had shown a “StarCraft,” the adaptation of mobile end game demos, certainly this is just an April Fool’s Day spoof joke. However, many of my friends are from fantasy on the phone if Blizzard game really is a matter of how wonderful things.
At the end of last year, Activision Blizzard has released its mobile social gaming platform activates this platform similar to Japan’s Gree. Players can be registered account to log in to any game on the platform. The first launch to activate the game was the Sky Landers: Lost skylanders: Battlegrounds of iOS version, and blizzard will be out before the game and after the game will be released on the Activate platform.
Phone connection it has been the battle net
World of Warcraft Mobile Armory launched a long time ago, allows players to mobile phones and other devices can directly view the warcraft role and items of information, auction house, guild chat and some other functions. With the expanding mobile Internet community and crowding out traditional games market, this Blizzard has yet to enter the territory is still a great potential to be tapped.
“Hearthstone” World of Warcraft is to let you go home, at the the this Blizzard invitation Hearthstone pattern seems implicit meaning let the old players return, most recently the chief designer of Warcraft crab interview, he also talked about: may as well give players a reason to allow them to return to the “World of Warcraft” and feel the beauty of this game once, “Well, maybe on the phone also launched the” World of Warcraft “has become a reason to allow the return of the old players.
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